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Paul Hogarth Private Edition Print of Chiswick Polish offices
Paul Hogarth Painting
Before moving into the new offices at Chiswick, Reckitt & Colman commissioned Paul Hogarth to paint their former corporate headquarters at 1 – 17 Burlington Lane prior to its demolition. The painting was executed in May 1984.
This is 94 of a private edition of 300 copies.
The offices, which have been continuously occupied by the company from the start, were built in three sections.The earlier parts, to the left of the picture, were erected in the 1920s and 30s.
The architects were Albyn H Scott and W. Leslie Twigg. The extension on the extreme right of the picture was built in 1957 in sympathetic style and on this occasion the architects were W. Leslie Twigg and Michael Twigg.

It is particularly appropriate that Paul Hogarth should have been selected as the artist because not only is he, to quote Sir Hugh Casson ‘one of the most outstanding topographical artists of our time’, but he is also a direct descendant of the eminent painter William Hogarth whose house, which he occupied from 1749 until just before his death in 1764, is only a hundred yards from the site of Rickitt & Colman’s offices.
The edition has been prepared in association with the Frances Kyle Gallery of Maddox Street, London who represent the artist. The lithograph has been printed in nine colours on mould-made paper at the renowned Curwen Studio.
This print is in the safe keeping of the Local Studies department of the Chiswick Library London W4