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Cherry Blossom Shoe Polish
Dan & Charles Mason, pioneers of the shoe polish industry in Chiswick
Mr Dan Mason
Since 1878 Dan & Charles Mason had been running a soap company in Burlington Lane Chiswick, manufacturing soft soap, furniture polish and metal polish.

They foresaw a good trade for boot polish and engaged a chemist to devise a formula and Cherry Blossom Boot Polish was launched in 1906, and in 1913 the Chiswick Polish Co Ltd was formed with its factory in Burlington lane, with Mr Dan Mason being the first chairman of the new company, and continuing in this position until the time of his death in 1928.
Mr Dan Mason
In 1925 Dan & Charles Mason presented to their employees, a ten acre sports ground on Dukes Meadows Chiswick, that included a Pavilion with changing rooms and a tea room.
In 1930 the first occupancy of the 50 semidetached houses built adjacent to the Cherry Blossom tinplate printing works in Staveley Gardens, which were provided for the workforce.
Mr Dan Mason whole-heartedly associated himself with the welfare work of the company, and through the articles and ex employees stories included in the website, I hope to give you an insight into their lives, working and living around Chiswick Polish Company, Cherry Blossom Factories in Chiswick.
Cherry Blossom Boot Polish so quick and easy.
From soft soap to Chiswick Polish Co Ltd manufacturing boot, shoe, furniture and metal polish.
Cherry Blossom Boot Polish
In 1923 Directors of the Chiswick Polish Co Ltd acquired land on Dukes Meadows from the Chiswick Urban District Council to build their Tinplate Printing and Cardboard box factory, for approximately £13,000
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