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Mansion Polish 1932 Advertisement
Mansion Polish 1932 Advertisement by Harry Rountree
Mansion Polish Manufactured by Chiswick Products
This Advert for Mansion Polish was produced by
Harry Rountree, a distinguished commercial artist of New Zealand origin whose forte was in caricature illustrations featuring birds and mice.
A great deal of his work ended up in "Punch" magazine.
His example on the right reads:
"What are you children doing?"
"Sorry Mother-we've made a few marks on the floor playing football, so we're giving it a rub up with Willie to bring back the lovely shine you had with Mansion Polish"
Mansion Polish
Gives a quick brilliance to Stained or Parquet floors & Linoleum.
For dark woods use Dark Mansion
In tins 6d & 1/9- Large household tin containing 2 lbs net 3/- Chiswick Products Ltd Chiswick W4
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Mansion Polish 1932 Advertisement