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Cherry Blossom Shoe Polish
Dan & Charles Mason, pioneers of the shoe polish industry in Chiswick
The articles, memoirs and stories that appear on this page are researched from the company's Forward Magazine and contributions from ex employees of the Chertsey Road factory (Dukes Meadows) or Burlington Lane factory
Badge worn by members of the Masonian Athletic Club.
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        M.A.C. Badge

Explanation of emblems on the badge worn by members of the Masonian Athletic Club.

The first club badge came into being with the opening of the Chiswick Polish Athletic Cub's Sports Ground in 1925 and was then in a form of a small enamel lapel pin bearing a cherry design. This was altered to a shield in 1928 and the only change made since then was at the time of the amalgamation of the Chiswick Polish Company and the Nugget Company, when the Club was renamed Masonian Athletic Club and the initials on the shield were converted to M.A.C.

The badge consists of a maroon red shield with a black diagonal band and a black and white border. The lion's head in the left hand corner is the crest of the Mason family, donors of the Sports Ground.

The three Saxon swords surmounted by a crown on the right side represent the Arms of the County of Middlesex and the small white shield in the centre bears the initials of the Club.
Chiswick Polish / Cherry Blossom Boot Polish Factory Dukes Meadows
Top of photo Grove park farm house, Grain store now the Pavilion, Playing Fields, Alexandra Gardens Flats.
Centre of Photo Cherry Blossom Chertsey Road Factory and sports club in Dukes Meadows..
Bottom of Photo The old gravel workings in Riverside Lands
Photo of Daisy Sander later to be actess Dandy Nichols
Daisy Sander joined the company to work as an assistant in the library until 1936. She participated in the company's operatic  and drama societies and was to rise to fame in later years as a stage and screen actress under the name
   Dandy Nichols
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